Monday, May 19, 2008

How to hide fields within subpage / page

Here is a great sample of Page.Activate peoplecode that will hide fields within a page or subpage. You can also use a group box around a subpage to hide all the fields within that group box.

&admin = "N";
SQLExec("select 'Y' from psroleuser where roleuser = :1 and rolename = 'RoleName'", %OperatorId, &admin);
If &admin = "Y" Then

/*** Within Sub Page ***/
TL_LINK_WRK.TL_TEXT_LBL5.Visible = False;
TL_LINK_WRK.TL_TEXT_LBL1.Visible = False;
TL_LINK_WRK.TL_TEXT_LBL2.Visible = False;

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