Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why are my Request Messages in Latin? Using SOAPUI

I have been scratching my head on this one for days and it was a simple setting.  I did change the value many times but didn't realize that I needed to reload the WSDL definition for the changes to take effect.  :-)

The sample values (in Latin) are created because of the soapUI Preferences.
If you dislike having these sample values or having to adjust them by hand, you can turn them off by ticking off WSDL Settings->Sample Values checkbox. When you add the WSDL again, the new sample requests will have no sample values and just a question mark. "? "

Settings:  Make sure this is unchecked.

When you uncheck the setting, you will have just the ? mark.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PeopleTools Table Reference

Here is a great Peopletools reference for delivered tools tables.

Monday, August 8, 2011

AAWS - Admissions Application Web Services - Info

My Oracle Support KM docs to review: 

CS 9.0 Bundle #21 Functional Documentation and Additional Features April 2011 (Doc ID 1314754.1)

Specific files to download:
1. CS_Bundle_21_Manage_Admission_Transactions.pdf (1.85 MB)
2. AAWS Users Guide.pdf (541 KB)
3. AAWS Developers Guide.pdf (1.11 MB)
Within Oracle/Peoplesoft there are 9 different web services provided with AAWS and 2 for Payment Processing.

There are six services for Application Processing:

  • Create Application - SAD_CREATEAPPL
  • Get Application - SAD_GETAPPL
  • Get Application(s) - SAD_GETAPPLS
  • Get Attachment - SAD_GETATTACH
  • Save Application - SAD_SAVEAPPL
  • Submit Application - SAD_SUBMITAPPL

There are three for User Registration:
  • User Authentication - SCC_USERREG_AUTHENTICATE
  • User Registration - SCC_USERREG_CREATEACCT
  • Get a List of Values - SCC_GET_LOV

JDBI - Making Clean APIs without enbedded SQL

I found this article and information interesting.  and

Not having to embed SQL directly into Java.  By using this, one could create a packaged stored procedure, which would then make a cleaner API.

Friday, August 5, 2011

SQL Formatter

I have used this website for many years now.  It is a great site to format SQL and Text.  Check it out!

Book Review - Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.1 Implementation

  I have started to read and review this reference on Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.1 Implementation.  The preliminary view thus far is optimistic and it appears to be a great reference for understanding Financial Management.  The author provides some outstanding screen shots and functional design items to reference.  The book's layout is organized and has great flow between chapters.

The functional and technical items covered are as follows listed by Chapter:

  • Chapter 1 - PeopleSoft Financials Fundamentals 
  • Chapter 2 - PeopleSoft Security
  • Chapter 3: PeopleSoft Billing Module
  • Chapter 4: PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable Module
  • Chapter 5: PeopleSoft Asset Management Module
  • Chapter 6: PeopleSoft Accounts Payable Module
  • Chapter 7: PeopleSoft General Ledger Module
  • Chapter 8: PeopleSoft Expenses Module
  • Chapter 9: PeopleSoft Commitment Control
Book Link to Publisher -