Thursday, January 19, 2012

Campus Solutions - Row level Security Components

Here is a sample SQL that will provide the components for CS Row Level security.  You can then reference the records within App Desginer and create *.dms scripts for exporting the user security.

SELECT a.portal_name,
       e.portal_label    AS parent4_folder,
       d.portal_label    AS parent3_folder,
       c.portal_label    AS parent2_folder,
       b.portal_label    AS parent_folder,
       a.portal_label    AS component,
       a.portal_uri_seg2 AS component_dbname
FROM   psprsmdefn a
       left join psprsmdefn b
         ON b.portal_name = a.portal_name
            AND b.portal_objname = a.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn c
         ON c.portal_name = b.portal_name
            AND c.portal_objname = b.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn d
         ON d.portal_name = c.portal_name
            AND d.portal_objname = c.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn e
         ON e.portal_name = d.portal_name
            AND e.portal_objname = d.portal_prntobjname
WHERE  a.portal_reftype = 'C'
       AND e.portal_label LIKE 'Set Up SACR'
       AND d.portal_label LIKE 'Security';

Please also review this posting from

There are a number of tools you could use to achieve this, be it data mover, raw SQL or even an SQR or App Engine. All of these would need to be custom written. An alternative solution is to use the Manage Configuration Set functionality. It’s a delivered component (at least on more recent versions of the Application) that lets you choose the modules you wish to export config for, and it builds the DMS files (Data Mover Scripts) for you.

Sample Navigation:

or go to PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content, drill down into Enterprise Components and edit Manage Implementations to not hide it from portal navigation (checkbox on first page).