Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Applying Peoplesoft Maintenance

Over the years there have been some talks on best practices for applying Peoplesoft Maintenance. (Bundles, Tax Updates, REGS..etc)

Here is my take:

First, one must choose a maintenance path. (Bundles or Maintenance Packs) and stay the course.

Maintenance Packs:
  • Maintenance Packs are nice for a new implementation or upgrade to get you current without applying individual Bundles
  • Maintenance Packs due tend to take some time to come out since it is a combination of Bundles for all modules.
  • Bundles will provide you the latest and greatest code line (Keeping current with Peoplesoft/Oracle)
  • Bundles are nice for North American customers given all the regulatory releases (REGS) and updates
The best way to search for Bundles within My Oracle Support:

Within "Updates and Fixes"
Apply to Release

Product Line = Campus Solutions
Product = Student Administration
Release = 9 (or 8.9 if you have not upgraded yet)
Bundles check box toggled

This will provide you a listing of all the current bundles.

Change Assistant is a great tool and application used to apply bundles and maintenance, if you are still applying bundles manually, now is the time to configure CA. It makes applying maintenance much easier.

Take care