Friday, November 18, 2011

Find Navigation Path or BreadCrumbs for a Component in Peoplesoft / Oracle

There have been some great blog posts for this type of query.  Here are a few that I like

From CompShack -

From Peoplesoft Tipster -

/* Provide navigation location for component */
SELECT a.portal_name,
       e.portal_label AS parent4_folder,
       d.portal_label AS parent3_folder,
       c.portal_label AS parent2_folder,
       b.portal_label AS parent_folder,
       a.portal_label AS component
FROM   psprsmdefn a
       left join psprsmdefn b
         ON b.portal_name = a.portal_name
            AND b.portal_objname = a.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn c
         ON c.portal_name = b.portal_name
            AND c.portal_objname = b.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn d
         ON d.portal_name = c.portal_name
            AND d.portal_objname = c.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn e
         ON e.portal_name = d.portal_name
            AND e.portal_objname = d.portal_prntobjname
WHERE  a.portal_reftype = 'C'
       -- Parameter to set:  (In this case I used the component - ADM_APPL_MAINTNCE)
       AND a.portal_uri_seg2 = 'ADM_APPL_MAINTNCE' 


Eva Lona said...

Is this applicable on all peoplesoft modules?

Jeromy McMahon said...

Yes, you can use this as long as you have your component name.

naga raj said...

We have a request to share the SQL to find any page that has the public flag checked in the Portal Registry.