Friday, November 18, 2011

Find Navigation Path or BreadCrumbs for a Component in Peoplesoft / Oracle

There have been some great blog posts for this type of query.  Here are a few that I like

From CompShack -

From Peoplesoft Tipster -

/* Provide navigation location for component */
SELECT a.portal_name,
       e.portal_label AS parent4_folder,
       d.portal_label AS parent3_folder,
       c.portal_label AS parent2_folder,
       b.portal_label AS parent_folder,
       a.portal_label AS component
FROM   psprsmdefn a
       left join psprsmdefn b
         ON b.portal_name = a.portal_name
            AND b.portal_objname = a.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn c
         ON c.portal_name = b.portal_name
            AND c.portal_objname = b.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn d
         ON d.portal_name = c.portal_name
            AND d.portal_objname = c.portal_prntobjname
       left join psprsmdefn e
         ON e.portal_name = d.portal_name
            AND e.portal_objname = d.portal_prntobjname
WHERE  a.portal_reftype = 'C'
       -- Parameter to set:  (In this case I used the component - ADM_APPL_MAINTNCE)
       AND a.portal_uri_seg2 = 'ADM_APPL_MAINTNCE' 

Alliance 2012

Looking forward to attending and presenting at the HEUG Alliance Conference 2012 in Nashville!

Here is the technical track session I will be presenting with a great colleague Andrew Cesario.

Wed, Mar 21, 2012 (09:15 AM - 10:15 AM)