Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steps to Turn ON Logging for XMLP Reports for Debugging

Steps to Turn ON Logging for XMLP Reports for Debugging.

Create a file named xdodebug.cfg and place it under [PS_HOME]\JRE\Lib] folder.The file should include the following line:

Under Windows


Under Unix
The file Should look like this (point to an appropriate temporary directory under the Unix box)


Remove xdodebug.cfg when finished replicating the issue.

The logging is specifically useful for troubleshooting the Template(RTF/PDF) or Data File(XML file) specific issues. The generated XML file is the actual data file which is run from the MS Word Design Helper Preview mode to narrow down the issue.


Praj Basnet said...

Thanks for this! I had no idea it existed. Very useful. I tried using an environment variable ($PS_HOME) in the LogDir path but unfortunately it doesn't like that, so the path to $PS_HOME has to be hard coded.

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