Thursday, March 13, 2014

Need the ability to Sync PSPSWDHISTORY record within CS and HR?

Here are some steps you can use to accomplish this.

1. Create a new custom message for the PSPSWDHISTORY record.  (Message will be created in both environments given Subscriber Only model)

2. Create Service and Service Operation – Both Environments
Using VERSION_1 for the Default Message.

3. Create routings in both directions

4. Create handler in both environments.

5. Handler code

class genericSyncSubscription implements PS_PT:Integration:INotificationHandler
method OnNotify(&_MSG As Message);

method OnNotify
/+ &_MSG as Message +/
/+ Extends/implements PS_PT:Integration:INotificationHandler.OnNotify +/

Local HR_INTEGRATION:HR_Subscription &Async_Subscription;
&Async_Subscription = create HR_INTEGRATION:HR_Subscription();
&Async_Subscription.SetExecuteEdits( False);

6. Invoke using Full Data Publish

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